A state with strict and strong privacy laws for greater protection of their citizen and entrepreneurs, is none other than Israel. The country also happens to have strong ties with Five Countries, which is also a concern for majority. You might be wondering that why we are discussing Israel in SaferVPN review? The answer to this question is quite straightforward, SaferVPN is located in Israel. The rising star has significantly improves in terms of performance, features, service quality and is therefore, it is mandatory to review it.

SaferVPN claims that it has strict no-log policy, but simultaneously it is infamous for keeping minimal connections logs. The rising stars has revamped the brand altogether from website to UI of the app, making it irresistible. The sole purpose of this review is to put the provider to test to check for its effectiveness. The provider will be reviewed both on technical and user experience grounds to check for its fitness. In the end of SaferVPN Review a small commentary will also be made that should you be spending your hard earned money on the provider or not.

SaferVPN Review

SaferVPN Review Summary

SaferVPN is not new in the market, and therefore, knows the ins and outs of the VPN market. Keeping the evolving landscape of industry the provider has made some significant adjustment in the service to enhance its performance, paving it way up in the reputed tier of the market. Our SaferVPN comprises of all the reasons that one would look for while buying SaferVPN. Our review is comprehensive and covers all the areas that has prompted user to opt for SaferVPN. These include features, speed and encryption; however, we still can’t say that it is the best VPN service out there in the market

SaferVPN has come a long way and did a commendable job in improving its position among the giants in the market. The service is still working to improve the web of server all over the world, which is the most crucial things to consider when choosing a VPN. All in all, if you’re are looking for something not a high end VPN service for your protecting your network, then we will surely ask you to consider SaferVPN for the job!!

Our SaferVPN Review Score

Features: 4

Apps: 4.1

Security: 4

Speed: 3.9

Overall: 4.0 

SaferVPN Review in Points

The Good

  • Servers in 34 countries
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Browser Proxy Extensions
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Strong encryption (assuming perfect forward secrecy is used)
  • AES-256-bit encryption
  • Payment wall and Bitcoin payment processing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

The Bad

  • Minimal connection logs
  • Limited P2P support
  • Based in Israel but has an office in New York City that compounds intelligence gathering
  • Israel is known to take part in multiple international data intelligence-sharing programs

SaferVPN Logging Policy

Despite the fact that SaferVPN has no strict log policy, there is nothing mentioned about its validity when it comes to connection log policy. They claim to keep no track and activity logs, but they happen to keep;

  1. Date and time on which the Session began, date and time on which the Session ended
  2. The amount of data transmitted during each Session
  3. To which location (e.g. USA East) (We do not hold servers’ IP addresses),
  4. And from which country you connected from (We do not hold IP addresses).

About the connections logs, the service says that they do it to make their service better and troubleshooting easy like any other provider in the market. Based in Israel, the provider also has company offices in New York City, USA, which happens to be the country that is a part of Five Eyes Countries.

Additionally, head quartered in Israel, also a member of Five Eyes Countries and multiple data intelligence sharing programs, which can a pose a potential threat to privacy focused VPN users. Although SaferVPN claims not to have any activity logs and it surely does not, but still the logs it keeps can tied with the two facts mentioned above which can be a threat to users’ privacy in one way or the other. But it is not yet proved that SaferVPN shares data or invade users’ privacy.

SaferVPN Features Review

Being a part of Five Eyes Countries doesn’t mean that SaferVPN is all about controversies, this section of SaferVPN Review will shed light on its features. We did mention that SaferVPN has tremendously improved it features, which were found lacking in the past. Some notable features of the service provider are as follows;


SaferVPN focuses more on security and privacy of its users. But on the contrary, their privacy is a bit shady, as mentioned earlier. But, they happen to have a strong grip over security aspect. SaferVPN uses a powerful 256 Bit encryption, which happens to be the industry standard. The 256 bit encryption protocol is often stated as military grade VPN protocol and insanely strong to crack down. Most importantly, this is only used for the purpose of security of data and connection.  

VPN Kill Switch

A kill switch is not something, which is not unique and nearly all the VPN providers are providing it to their user base. But, when it comes to performance there is a great of deal variation. Thankfully, SaferVPN’s kill switch is impressive when to come to performance. The provider has decided to stick to the very basics, and delivers what an ideal kill switch must do in case of VPN disconnections. It is something which we think is commendable as many VPN providers who offer kill switch do not have a very effective functionality of this particular feature. 

Automatic Server Selection

Not a unique feature, but at the same time not offered by all the providers in the market. The automatic server selections helps you connect to fastest server as per your location. The provider makes use of it anonymous metrics such as latency, download speed, and optimal selection of severs to deliver fast speed. You don’t need to worry about the security as all the servers are running on high end encryption protocol. 

24/7 Customer Support

Real time troubleshooting the problems is the norm of the industry now. Long gone are the days when you to wait in the que for a week for your turn to come. People now expect a real time solution to their problems. SaferVPN also offers a 24/7 customer support to help users setup VPN on their desired devices or troubleshoot any issue or problem they are facing while using SaferVPN. It is actually commendable as good customer support is one of the most essential elements. 

Unlimited Server Switches, Speed, and Bandwidth

SaferVPN offers unlimited server switches accompanied with bandwidth and speed. Majority of the services provide unlimited speed and bandwidth, but they restrict the server switches. But this is not the case with SaferVPN, as provide unlimited count of both. The purpose of this is to empower users and make them feel safe when browsing the web, stream or as a matter of fact do anything they feel like.

Five Simultaneous VPN Connections

SaferVPN offers a five simultaneous connection on one account, which can easily cover all the personal devices or home devices of any user. SaferVPN can also be setup on router, which is considered as a single connection and al the devices connecting to the router can be protected. Additionally, the personal devices having SaferVPN installed can easily connect to the VPN router and then turn on the VPN on their device for extra protection. 

P2P support (very limited locations)

SaferVPN appears to be uncomfortable when it comes to P2P sharing. They have do not encourage torrenting and this is why their support is quite limited when it comes to peer file sharing. Currently, SaferVPN only allows peer to peer file sharing in Netherland, Canada and Spain. There are some other services which also offer limited P2P support, but this is way too limited to enjoy torrenting using SaferVPN.

SaferVPN Prices Review

SaferVPN currently offer three pricing plans, and no differentiation has been made on the basis of money. All plans are bundled with similar in fact all the features offered by the provider. The differences are in the duration of subscription and the amount. Here’re these pricing plans.

1 Month: $12.95/Month

1 Year: $5.49/Month i.e. $65.88/Year

3 Years: $2.50/Month i.e. $89.99/3 Years


Considering the prices and the packages offered by the service provider, it is definitely not one of the cheapest choice for the users. If we talk about the price parity, the users will stay at disadvantage by all means. The service offers a 30-days money back guarantee with all the features and options incorporated in all the plans. The provider accepts payment through various channels, crypto currency included. It is quite impressive that it allows users to buy using anonymous currency, but the prices seems a little too high if compared to other services with this caliber.

SaferVPN Protocols Review

In order to stand out you have to have multiple protocols to offer to users. Offering multiple VPN protocols adds to your credibility and reliability. Luckily, SaferVPN offers various VPN protocols, such as IKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec/L2TP and PPTP. When it comes to the VPN protocols then OpenVPN is the most reliable and recommended protocol but many advanced VPN users also use other popular VPN protocols which SaferVPN does offer.

SaferVPN Servers & Locations Review

Unlike big fishes in the market, SaferVPN does not have a large network of VPN server, the provider happens to have 700 servers in total in 34 countries around the world. But, according to the provider some of the server are especially optimized for faster and better streaming experience. So if streaming is on your list SaferVPN can be of great help. All you need to do is connect to the fastest server for streaming, or you can get assistance from their support. However, when it comes to fast connection, we regret to inform you that much needs to be done on SaferVPN’s end to get there. 

SaferVPN for Mac Review

As compared to the ones in past, SaferVPN now offers VPN on various popular platforms, which are far much better in performance and UI. SaferVPN for Mac app is carefully designed keeping the platform in mind. The design for the app is quite impressive and gives a good feel. The app is packed with packed with various important features including the automatic configuration, VPN kill switch, and automatic updates. These features are customized for the Mac app of SaferVPN.

The service provider also offers easy setup and easy to use on Max OSX interface. The app allows you to choose the server of your choice from the list of 700 servers. The choice can also be marked in the favorite for later use, so that you don’t have to go through the process of selection again for the desired need. The SaferVPN for Mac app does not interfere with the background opeartion and runs smoothly without causing much disturbance and distractions. Integrated with all the protocols offered by SaferVPN, the app is decent in terms of performance and speed. SaferVPN for Mac is much better and decent than many average VPNs. But still it is not among the best ones we have analyzed. 

SaferVPN for iPhone Review

The design for SaferVPN for iPhone is quite simple packed with all the basic features that caters to the needs of a VPN user. The app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV is good when it comes to ease of use and functionality. The quick connect feature allows you to connect to a VPN in no time with a single tap. It has various basic options and features but it does not have any pro feature which include the kill switch and automatic server section. If you are a get it done type, then SaferVPN for iOS can get many things done, but you should not expect advanced functionality and supersonic speed because it cannot give those to you. 

SaferVPN for Windows Review

There is no much difference in SaferVPN for Windows and Mac app. Both have a slick design, and comprises of features that allows automatic connectivity. The app automatically configures and selects the best servers for you with the most suitable protocols. But, we suggest that you shouldn’t rely on AI, you should always OpenVPN to stay protected. The app also has kill switch, and all the protocols offered by the provider. It also runs seamlessly in the background as per their claim.

SaferVPN for Android Review

SaferVPN for Adroid app is again a very good example for a basic VPN app, which comprises of all the basic features to help user stay safe and secure. To make ease of use the app has a very basic and simple design and an exceptional UI. The one tap auto connect feature is like the cherry on the top, which helps the user to get anonymous in no time. The app however, does not include a kill switch, so if you happen to be a basic user the app would work for you. The app is not a good fit for advanced users. The speed and performance is above average below better, but that is more of a service side of the brand rather than issues in the app.

SaferVPN for Router Review

SaferVPN offers pre-configured VPN routers via flash routers. The VPN also works flawlessly on Asus, Netgear, and Linksys routers. Similarly, the VPN can also be manually configured on Firmware, DDWRT, Asus and Tomato routers. If you happen to be tech savvy and want to save on good load of money you can follow series of simple steps to setup SaferVPN on the router of your choice.

The following brands is recommended by SaferVPN

  1. DD-WRT Routers
  2. Tomato Routers
  3. Asus Routers
  4. FreeBox Routers
  5. Mikrotik Routers
  6. FRITZ!Box Routers
  7. Anonabox Routers
  8. Draytek Routers
  9. Tenda Routers 
  10. Padavan Routers
  11. Totolink Routers
  12. Arris Routers
  13. Sabai Router
  14. NetDuma Router
  15. TRENDnet Router
  16. ASUS WRT-MERLIN Router
  17. GL.iNet Router
  18. Belkin Router
  19. Huawei router
  20. D-Link Router 

Final Words

By the end of the review you now must clear on the standings of SaferVPN. The review analyzed and evaluated all the aspects of service in detail. As mentioned that SaferVPN has significantly improved its services to pave its way to the top of the industry, and it is still on the path to achieve growth. SaferVPN happens to be a few that offers VPN for Linux. Though we see a growing trend in the performance of the Israeli service provider, but there is ample room for them to make improvements.

They need to work on the controversial part of the privacy aspect. In order to compete with the market leader they need to rework on their logging policy, and should frame as such that they advantage the users. Overall, it is an above average below better VPN service which has become so much better and will get there soon.

Why is SaferVPN so slow?
The geographical location of the server you choose also affects the performance of internet. Make sure you connect to the server closest to your actual location.
Why is SaferVPN not in app store?
SaferVPN is available in app store and google store however, some countries dont have the app because of issues with laws and ISP. These countries are, China, Russia, Egypt and UAE.
Where is SaferVPN based?
SaferVPN is based in Israel.
Where are SaferVPN servers located?
Servers of SaferVPN are located in 34 countries.
How to use dedicated ip of SaferVPN?
SaferVPN doesn’t have a dedicated IP support.
How many devices can be connected to SaferVPN?
you can use upto 3 devices at a time.
Is SaferVPN available for netflix?
SaferVPN provides support for netflix and other related video streaming websites.
Is SaferVPN good for gaming?
SaferVPN has strong servers that will help you in playing games without lag or connection issues.
Can SaferVPN be used in China?
As of now, SaferVPN is not working in China.
Can we trust SaferVPN?
Yes, it is safe because the vpn has builtin killswitch option which stops the internet if there are any unstability with the conenction.
In whcih countries SaferVPN works?
SaferVPN doesnt work in China and Russia.
Is SaferVPN safe to use?
the company guarentees no logging policy, making it much safer to use.
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