VyprVPN Prices Review

The service two different packages, namely VyprVPN and VyprVPN premium. The features offered in both plans are same except that later offers VyprVPN cloud, Chameleon and multi login for 5 devices.

The pricing of the respective plans are as follows;

Deal 1
2-Years Plan
81% OFF
Get 2 Years Plan
Deal 2
1-Year Plan
71% OFF
Get 1 Year Plan
Deal 3
0% OFF
Get Monthly Plan

The Vyprvpn plan comes with 3 day free trial and only three simultaneous connections with a single account. However, the premium plan have five simultaneous connections, VyprVPN cloud and Chameleon protocol, along with free 3-day trial. Both the plans does not have any money back guarantees.

The provider accepts payment through major payment vendors, however, it still does not accept payment through crypto currency. You can easily make payments through, Paypal, Credit Cards, and Alipay.

VyprVPN Review


The brain child of Golden Frog VyprVPN is surely among the top tier VPN service providers, who have been hustling to keep the internet an open and secure place for everyone since its inception. The Swiss based service provider has more inclination towards privacy and security for the netizens out there. The VyprVPN review will be different from the rest of reviews on our website, where every aspect of the provider will tested thoroughly.

VyprVPN Review Summary

The name of Golden Frog proceeds its reputation, before this brain child was born, the mother brand was considered as the most powerful VPN that existed in the industry. VyprVPN being based in Switzerland, has more than 700 servers in nearly 70+ locations across the world. The Swiss provider is known as the advocate for privacy and god speed connections. The service fairly well across all platforms and devices, but being based in Europe.

Our VyprVPN Review Score

Features: 4.4

Apps: 4.45

Security: 4.3

Speed: 4.25

Overall: 4.35 

VyprVPN REview

VyprVPN Review in Points

The Good

  • Contains a good feature set
  • Chameleon Protocol for better privacy & security
  • Provides above average speed
  • Really easy to use
  • Based in Switzerland
  • Offers 5 simultaneous connections
  • Owns 700+ servers in 70+ countries
  • Offers a 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support

The Bad

  • Does not support Bitcoin for payments
  • Does not give refund under any circumstances
  • P2P and torrenting allowed but discouraged
  • Sadly the provider keeps a connection log for all the user, which is altogether deleted after a span of 30 days. Before we start the autopsy of the provider, we strongly suggest that you read our guide about what is a VPN, who happens to have little or no knowledge about VPNs.

Most Important Thing about the Brand

Being on the front line, Golden Frog has always been an active when it comes to protecting the privacy and freedom of the web for everyone. Not only this, the brand has also been active and vocal when it comes to internet security. Internet was never, is not and will never be a safe place for netizens, this why various tools such as VPNs came into existence, cause providers happen the level of risk the users are exposed to.

Being an activist, the brain child is also thought of as the same, but unfortunately this is not the case. Golden Forg’s VyprVPN keeps session or connection log, hard to believe right? But yes, this is true that VyprVPN stores information about the activity users do over internet.

According to the Privacy Policy of Golden Frog’s VyprVPN, they keep the source IP, the VyprVPN IP, and the total number of data in bytes used by the user along with the, connection starting and ending time. These are the session logs that VyprVPN keeps for 30 days and here’s the explanation why they keep these logs:

“We retain VyprVPN session data for 30 days to use with billing issues, troubleshooting, service offering evaluation, TOS issues, AUP issues, and for handling crimes performed over the service.”

This does not mean that VyprVPN is not to be used. The provider does not log user’s traffic and content, this means that their privacy is not being compromised and is completely in a perfect shape. The logical explanation for keeping log is to track any misuse of the VPN. There are people that make use of VPN for cybercrimes, by keeping logs any sort illegal activity can traced easily. 

So now that the controversial logging policy of VyprVPN has been discussed, we will move to the evaluation of the service in our VyprVPN review, starting from the features.

VyprVPN Features

Here we look at different set of features that are being offer by the service for its users. Let’s start with its;

VyprVPN Servers

The wide network of server is spread across the world in more than 70 countries and the count of the server is more than 700. Unlike all other VPN service provider, all the servers are owned by Golden Frog. The entire network of server is own by VyprVPN or Golden Frog, and there are not third parties involved, reducing the risk of data theft and security breaches ensuring end to end privacy for users. The entire infrastructure of network is owned, operated and maintained by Golden Frog.

VyprVPN-Servers-LocationsPromising Connection Speed

As the entire network is managed and operated by Golden Frog, the speed that VyprVPN provide is promising. Faster speed is quite handy when it comes to streaming. After connecting VyprVPN streaming on Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and other similar services is smooth and enjoy uninterrupted streaming without buffering icon hogging the screen, which is a blessing for streamers.

However, you will certainly experience a slight decrease in the download speed and a minor ping spike after you are connected to VyprVPN, but that’s OK!


Chameleon Technology

VyprVPN is the pioneer of the Chameleon Technology, and also happens to be the proprietor of the tech. This technology is useful in scrambling the users’ metadata which makes it unrecognizable even in DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) scans, without making your internet connection a sloth. It helps in getting more unblocking power over the web without any risk of privacy or security breach.

VyprDNS – Zero-Knowledge DNS

VyperVPN offers a zero knowledge DNS dubbed knows as VyprDNS, which gives the user extra protection to keep user safe from preying eyes. VyprVPN users do not rely on their ISP’s or any other third party DNS which may log users’ internet activities and censor websites and web services. The VyprDNS is exclusive for VyprVPN users and it cannot be utilized separately. VyprVPN is not the only one that offers zero knowledge DNS, but surely it is amongst the dew that does.

VyprVPN REview

Customer Support

No matter in what corner of the world you reside in, VyprVPN customer support service works round the clock to figure out solutions to any sort of problem that you come across related to the service. The guides written are self-explanatory to assist and guide you in case you get stuck somewhere. The only drawback that we came across was strict refund policy under any circumstances.

NAT Firewall

Adding to extra layer of security VyprVPN’s NAT Firewall, helps in blocking unrequested inbound traffic. The unrequested unbound traffic can be explained the bots and hackers on ther internet that are on the continuous hunt for vulnerable and unprotected systems to exploit. NAT Firewall help in blocking unwanted scans to keep you safe. When we talk about VyprVPN all their servers have integrated NAT Firewall so that you don’t have to bear extra burden to install extra apps and software to evade preying eyes over internet.

These were some exciting feature offered by the service, now let’s move onto ponder over their protocols and more

VyprVPN Protocols Review

The provider offers all the protocols that are needed to make you safe. The protocols offered in the normal plan includes L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP. However, the users on the premium plan enjoy addition Chameleon protocol. VyprVPN does not offer SSTP on both basic and premium, but on the premium plan the users gets compensated by Chameleon Protocol. So, our VyprVPN protocols review suggests that it is a preferable VPN service because the connection is reliable in most of the connections we tested using different protocols. 

VyprVPN Servers & Locations Review

We have already mentioned that all the server of VyprVPN that it uses are owned, operated and maintained by Golden Frog and no third parties are involved. From coding to hardware, maintenance and management of all 700+ servers around the globe is done by VyprVPN. It makes the service more reliable in terms of performance, speed, privacy and security for the users.

The servers are strategically placed in all continents of the world for hassle free and fast connections. Though the servers are place strategically, but unblocking Netflix US is not guaranteed by the service provider. Also, apparently P2P file sharing is allowed by VyprVPN but it can get users’ accounts blocked in case VyprVPN gets a DMCA notices for copyrights infringement or any other thing. 

So far, it is safe to conclude that VyprVPN has proven to be great service, besides their logging policy.

Now let’s move to different operating systems and platform to see how good VyprVPN performs!

VyprVPN for Mac Review

The claim of VyperVPN being number one amongst the trusted VPN provider for Mac is surely true. The usability and performance is just superb. The app is very uniformly deigned when it comes to UI as it gives a very slender and tall look. However, we didn’t find it nicely blending in with other apps on the Mac.

The VyprVPN for Mac app is very user friendly and easy to use. The app offers various switches to make the transition from one protocol to other smooth. Moreover, the app has supports for all protocols, which is something that we came across not present in all providers. You don’t need to be tech geek to unleash the full potential for the app. The app can easily operate on iOS 10 and higher versions.

In addition, the mac app of VyprVPN fully packed with all the other features which we discussed in our VyprVPN review. So all in all, we would recommend this for mac users if they can get over the logging policy of VyprVPN discussed earlier in the review.

VyprVPN for iPhone Review

The user interface of VyprVPn for iPhone app is less attractive as compared to the on design for Mac. But, that is inevitable cause of the difference in platforms. As compared to functionality, the mac app is relatively easy to use. The app designed to iPhone does not have any kill switch, which happens to be normal as more providers does not have this option in their iPhone apps.

Unfortunately, VyprVPN only offers IPsec/IKEv2 protocol for iOS users. It is a bit strange because of the fact that VyprVPN has invested a lot in their own unique Chameleon protocol, but providing only the support of one protocol which is certainly less safe than OpenVPN and Chameleon is a little odd.

The app works perfectly when your device gets connected to untrusted Wi-Fi network, depsite the fact that only has one protocol. Also, the app is supported on iOS 9 and higher which more or less covers all the major Apple mobile devices.

Overall, the app is neither too impressive nor too bad. We would recommend it to users but would also inform that there are better options available for iPhone VPNs.

VyprVPN for Windows Review

Out of all the app designed VyprVPN for Windows happens to be the most attractive and different. All the features mentioned in our VyprVPN review can be found in the Windows app by Golden Frog. The reason that we said that app is different, is due to jam packed features and good uniformity is app’s functionality across devices.

This Swiss VPN provider offers the internet kill switch which works like a failsafe for the times or little instances of unwanted disconnections. The automatic server selection feature allows the user to establish a connection automatically, which is fast. The connection is established to the closest server depending on the location of the user. To stay safe all the time VyprVPN for windows automatically connects as soon as your device get internet access. This comes quite handy if you forget to turn on your VPN.

The windows offers all the protocols that VyprVPN offers. Moreover, you’ll also happen to have a glimpse of the golden Chameleon VPN technology, which enforces user’s security without hampering the speed of the connection.  Overall, the app is impressive in terms of performances, options, features, and even the UI. It is also easy to use which makes it preferable, if you can ignore the logging policy and torrenting discouragement.

VyprVPN for Android Review

It seems that the Swiss provider happens to be more inclined towards Android Operating system. VyprVPN for Android app offers a wide range of features and protocols that are found missing app for iOS. Good news for android users, Adroid app happens to have a wider range of protocols as compared iOS app. We must say that VPN for Android offers best protocols such as Chameleon and OpenVPN. Chameleon is only for the premium users, but those who have the basic plan can always connect using OpenVPN protocols (160-bit and 256-bit).

The Android comes with auto connect features, which allow your device to get connected to VPN as your device has internet access. Similarly, the app also integrated fastest server selection feature that allows the user to connect to the best server based on their location and traffic on the servers.

There is no second thought about awarding the title of good android app, but VyprVPN for android is not the best out there. The features, usability and performance make it a good contender among the top VPN providers. We can recommend it users who can compromise on logs, P2P and can prefer paying via PayPal, credit card or AliPay, rather than any anonymous crypto currency.

VyprVPN for Router Review

 One major drawback of the Swiss provider is that it only has built an app for Tomato routers. As app only runs on top of Tomato firmare, therefore, you need to make sure that host router supports Tomato. This does not mean that VyprVPN does not run on other routers, in order to make VyprVPN operational on other brands of router, you need to set it up manually. To ease the process provider has setup detailed guides so that you don’t come across any problem.

You might be wondering that what point of setting up VPN on a router is. The answer is simple, you tend have a safe journey over the internet. Secondly, who so ever get connected through that router is automatically directed through secured access to internet. It’s like the one size fits all approach. It all comes to security and privacy that you want to ensure not only for yourself but also for all other that are connected through the router. So, with VyprVPN, the Tomato users are going to enjoy even more with the fantastic app and its features for the whole home network.


We hope that we have not missed out any aspect while reviewing VyprVPN. Every minute details was covered and none was ignored. The autopsy of the service was quite comprehensive covering features, protocols, apps, speed, log keeping policy, torrenting, UI and we assume that now you’re in a better position to take a decision.

Our review leads us to conclude that overall VyprVPN is a decent service provider to go for. The speed, performance, and features are no less than any major provider out there. It successfully passed all the tests. However, we found that VyprVPN appears to be little pricey if we compare VyperVPN on the basis of feature to others present in the market.

Some other reasons that puts VyprVPN off the grid is due lack of payment acceptance options. Unlike other big names VyprVPN does not accept cryptocurrency for payments. The issue of logging policy is something that can be ignored. Moreover, the service provider does not support torrenting either. Torrenting is something that is available to users who risk their security in the hands of free VPNs. We are a little confused to recommend it as it is recommendable for performance and usage, but the logging policy and similar issues related to privacy makes it avoidable.

So, after our VyprVPN review our final word is that it is a good VPN but the privacy focused people should choose another safer option over VyprVPN.

VyprVPN REview

Is VyprVPN safe?
Yes, it is completely safe. It comes with AES 256-bit encryption and kill switch function.
How to setup VyprVPN on router
Download the app, select a server you wish to enter and click the connect button, it is as simple as that!
Is VyprVPN good for torrenting
BitTorrent traffic is not blocked or slowed by VyperVPN which allows for smooth torrenting experience.
Does VyprVPN support gaming?
With good number of stable servers, VyprVPN is definitely a strong choice when it comes to gaming.
Where is VyprVPN based?
It is based in Switzerland, which is famously known for being privacy friendly.
Where are VyprVPN servers located?
Servers are located in 70 plus countries all around the world.
Can VyprVPN be trusted?
Yes, since it has a killswitch feature and guarentees no logging on any activity by the user.
Can VyprVPN be used for Netflix?
Thanks to Chameleon proprietary technology, the traffic sent to Netflix is hidden and the fact that a VPN is being used is completely unknown to the service provider.
Can VyprVPN be tracked?
Chameleon proprietary technology hides the open media packets so the activity is completely hidden and your privacy is secure.
Can VyprVPN block ads?
Yes, VyprVPN can block all kind of ads.
Can VyprVPN be used on multiple devices?
VyprVPN offers 5 connections at the same time.
Can VyprVPN be used in China?
VyprVPn is one of the renowned VPN used in China.
Can VyprVPN be installed on a router?
Yes, VyprVPN can surely be installed on router by following some simple steps.
What VyprVPN server are their for Netflix?
You can watch all your favorite shows around the globe using VyprVPN. it works on all kind of streaming websites and VODs.
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