VPN for Netflix

VPN for Netflix

Netflix has been a big name in the entertainment world ever since it became operational in 1997.  Netflix started off as a video-on-demand service, which provided a limited amount of movies and TV shows all over the world. With its ever-growing fan-base, Netflix started to put out more titles. In 2018, Netflix production tripled with users signing up for the biggest entertainment library in the world. However, people quickly realized that they are not allowed to view the complete entertainment library of Netflix. Here, you can find the best VPN for Netflix which is guarenteed to provide you with unlimited access and security.

Due to copyright issues and government regulations, some movies and TV shows are not available in some countries. For example, the US library hosts the most number of Netflix titles. Even though Netflix works in 130 countries, it limits the available streaming content based on countries. This is where a good VPN for Netflix is recommended as it can bypass geo-restrictions and unblock the entertainment library of your chosen country.

Why do you need a VPN for Netflix

Unblock Netflix

A VPN makes it easier to unlock the restrictions put in place by Netflix. Luckily, a VPN can trick websites and show the location of an entirely different country. For example, if you want to unlock U.S library for entertainment, the country server chosen on a VPN must be from the U.S. This way the website thinks that you are located in the U.S and unlocks all content available to that country.

With the growing number of users for VPNs, Netflix is actively blocking many VPNs from accessing its website. You can face a situation where one day you have the access to Netflix through a VPN and the next day your access might be blocked. Let’s get started with the detailed information regarding VPNs which work best with Netflix so that you can start enjoying more Netflix titles than you currently can.

Whenever you access Netflix, it directly sends you to the homepage of your country. This is now a common knowledge that the libraries vary from country to country. Contrary to popular belief, it does not matter which country you made the account from. However, your IP address determines whether or not you can access a particular movie. Note that Asians pay a lesser amount for subscription compared to Europeans and Americans.

Therefore, accessing the U.S library of Netflix is like a dream for any streaming fan out there. VPNs mask your location so that you can access any library in Netflix for your chosen country. For example, Japan also has a good number of Netflix titles after U.S library. If you want to stream any Japanese content, it is important that you use a good VPN which can successfully provide you access to the content you want to see.

Streaming Error

For Netflix, people accessing their content without permission mean loss of money. Netflix developed an anti-VPN software in order to protect their libraries from being accessed illegally. Now the software has successfully banned many VPNs from accessing Netflix’s servers. When hit with the proxy error, users found themselves unable to stream any content unless they switched off their VPN. The attack on VPNs resulted in VPN services coming up with much stronger protocols which could bypass Netflix’s tough restrictions. Here, we will recommend you different VPNs for unlocking Netflix’s immense library.

Best VPNs for Netflix

In order to stream freely and enjoy unlimited Netflix content, we tested several VPN services and came up with our top VPNs for Netflix.

VPN Providers
Price ($)
Provider's Website
NordVPN Review

Supports AES with 256 bit encryption.
Strong zero logs policy.
Allows access to 5000+ VPN servers.
VPN servers located in 59+ countries.
Provides unrestricted access to Netflix and other VoDs.
Allows users to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.
Monthly plan, 1 year plan, 2 years plan and 3 years plan.
30 Days money back guarantee.

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PureVPN REview

AES 256 bit encryption.
No logs policy.
2000+ VPN servers.
180+ countries.
Dedicated streaming servers.
Unrestricted access to Netflix and other VoDs.
Up to 5 devices simultaneously.
Monthly, yearly and 2 years.
31 Days money back guarantee.

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CyberGhost VPN review

5200+ VPN servers.
90 countries.
256 bit AES encryption.
Zero log policy.
Access Netflix and other VoDs.
Supports 7 simultaneously connections via multi login.
Offer free trial for iOS and Android.
1 month, 1 year and 2 years & 3 years plans.
45 Days money back guarantee.

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Zenmate VPN Review

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Browser support.
No activity logging.
30+ server locations.
5 multiple logins with IP masking.
Traffic encryption.
Censorship bypass, unblocks Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer.
Malware and tracking blocker.
30 days money back guarantee.

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Ivacy VPN Review

390+ VPN servers.
55+ countries.
256 bit AES encryption.
Zero log policy.
Access Netflix and other VoDs.
Supports 5 simultaneously connections via multi login.
Package variety: 1 month, yearly and 2 years plans.
Monthly plan, 1 year plan and 2 years plan.
30 Days money back guarantee.

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Our best 5 VPNs to unblock Netflix

These VPNs have been tested and checked for performance and security. We will review the top 5 VPNs with specific details regarding their connection speed, security, and ease of use.


Nord VPN

NordVPN operates from Panama, which means that it’s away from all the jurisdictions and Fourteen Eyes. Since Panama has no internet restriction laws, they do not retain the data of users. This means that NordVPN is not legally bound to keep your activity logs. Being immune to privacy laws allows NordVPN to freely provide maximum security to its users. This service also provides a real-time block list of websites. These lists include spyware, trackers and malware. NordVPN uses CyberSec technology which is quite advanced and able to detect sniffers or harmful software. This way, any website which is deemed harmful for the user or has a risk of compromising your data will be automatically blocked.

NordVPN has many more benefits such as military-grade encryption and double VPN protection (two layers of protection). Users can securely browse without worrying about their privacy because NordVPN has not one but two layers of protection by encrypting your data twice instead of just once. NordVPN has not one but two layers of protection OVP concept. This basically means that your activity is multi-layered, like an onion.

In terms of price, NordVPN is quite easy on the pocket as well. Users also get access to 6 devices at one time. NordVPN is highly recommended in terms of being an economical and effective alternative to its competitors. Even though it’s low-priced, it doesn’t compromise on security and privacy aspect. Along with Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu also work on NordVPN. It is supported by Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android which makes it a strong competitor and an effective VPN for users.


Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is comparatively new service in the market however, it is growing at a great pace. With this speed of growth, it has the potential of being the best VPN on the market. Surf shark is unique in a way because it has IPv4 protocol which means that users get an unlimited number of IP addresses.

Having unlimited IPs is crucial in avoiding any ban from Netflix. Some VPNs have already been banned by Netflix which is why Surfshark is a safer bet as it provides maximum security for its users. A poor Netflix VPN works with IPv4 protocol which has a limited number of unique IPs it makes it easier for Netflix to catch the users originating from the same IP address.

Another perk of Surfshark is having a 30-day refund policy which means that users can test the service for a month. Unsatisfied customers can take their money back within the specified time. When this service was introduced, people doubted it because there are already many VPNs in the market. However, Surfshark has proved that it is here to stay for the long term. With its growing servers (currently at 800 servers) in more than 50 countries, Surfshark is a reliable and secure VPN.


Pure VPN

Netflix works through PureVPN 100% of the time. You can use any other streaming service such as Hulu, Kodi or Amazon Prime, smoothly without any hassle. It also supports P2P sharing which allows users to access every content that government bans or restricts us from seeing. PureVPN hosts more than 80000 servers and has a reputation in the market for being the most prevalent VPN available. The DNS leak protection offered by PureVPN is also known as one of the best in the market. PureVPN supports iOS and Android along with a variety of protocols. With 7 days money-back guarantee and five connections limit, they are super cheap and user-friendly.


TorGuard VPN

TorGuard Anonymous VPN is a viable option for those who aren’t expecting hundreds of thousands of IP addresses or hundreds of server locations. TorGuard offers complete anonymity while streaming Netflix or any other streaming service. The best thing about TorGuard is their method of payment. There are many ways a user can make a payment which is safer such as Bitcoin, OKPay, PayPal, Giropay, etc. TorGuard supports multiple protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP on top of 90+ servers which allows for better user experience.


Cyber Ghost VPN

CyberGhost is a strong competitor when it comes to being a VPN for Netflix. CyberGhost has more than 60 countries and servers around 3600. Around 600 of these servers originate from the U.S. Since most users want to unlock the Netflix for the U.S, the servers are specially optimized to stream Netflix.

CyberGhost allows using as many as 7 simultaneous connections on all devices which is why it is a better option among others. Furthermore, it has an automatic kill switch – making it more secure in terms of avoiding any DNS leakage or compromising other important user information. In terms of price, it is fairly cheap compared to the perks it has to offer. Depending on the plan of a user, CyberGhost comes with 14 or 45 days money-back guarantee. You will also receive unlimited bandwidth and traffic.

How to set up a VPN for Netflix?

Most VPNs are easy to set up and user-friendly. They have a simple connect button which can automatically choose the best protocol for VPN. In terms of country, you can choose which country your VPN should connect. In terms of custom settings, you can choose the protocols manually as well, whichever works best for you.

A good VPN automatically selects the most effective protocol for a smooth and secure connection. However, you can also choose any VPN protocol of your choice in order to enhance your streaming experience with a VPN. Here is the list of VPN protocols which can make your life easier while streaming online.

  • PPTP – Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
  • L2TP- Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
  • SSTP- Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol
  • OpenVPN
  • IKEv2- Internet Key Exchange

Do all VPNs unblock Netflix?

Not all VPNs that claim to unblock Netflix, actually work. Some VPNs work with Netflix while others result in a ban. We discussed our top recommendations on VPN for Netflix. Those VPNs have been tested by our experts for multiple criteria such as security, privacy, internet speed, zero-log policy, number of servers and unique IP addresses. Before committing to any VPN, you must ensure that it will actually work. Netflix is actively banning VPNs from bypassing their restrictions. Our mentioned top VPNs are more than capable of bypassing their strict restrictions and enabling you to access unlimited libraries that Netflix has to offer.

One important criterion before deciding on a VPN is to check whether it has unlimited unique IP addresses or not. If the VPN lacks unique IP addresses, it might be easier for Netflix to ban. If thousands of users log into Netflix using the same IP address, it becomes a piece of cake for Netflix to catch that and ban your account. Therefore, it is extremely important to make an informed decision before committing to any VPN.

Characteristics of VPN for Netflix

Here we list down the important characteristics in a VPN for Netflix. In order to have a good experience while using a VPN, you need to find which one works the best for you. A solid VPN can enter Netflix’s U.S. library without any hassle. Since all VPNs have a different level of quality to offer, you should never compromise on the performance and security of a VPN. In order to get the most value for your money, we list down different characteristics in a VPN in order to stream Netflix.

Connectivity Speed

Netflix requires good bandwidth streaming since nobody wants to stream movies or TV shows on a blurry screen and annoying stream buffers. The VPN speed is very important in providing users with high-quality streaming experience. For a decent quality of streaming, a VPN must be able to keep your connection speed stable without the loss of speed. For higher streaming resolutions, a VPN must be able to provide you with 5000 kbps speed. However, if you are a fan of 4k resolution, you need at least 25000 Kbps of speed. This will let you stream in an ultra-high-definition resolution. Most of the VPNs fail to provide you with such speeds – with an exception of few.


Even if a VPN is fast, if it fails to provide you with a stable connection – it won’t matter. If VPN servers face interruptions, the performance of the stream will suffer. It is important to make sure that your VPN is performance heavy and your experience is not compromised.

Apps and Device Compatibility

VPNs are mostly designed to be used on computers. However, Netflix is best enjoyed on a big screen. It is important to check whether your selected VPN is compatible with multiple devices or not. Luckily, the best VPNs come with options to connect simultaneously on all devices.

Customer Support

If you have any problems connecting to the servers, you should be able to contact the customer support and get an urgent fix. Most of the VPNs in the market have technical support – the difference being, whether it is good or bad. When looking at good customer supports, make sure to check email, live chat, and telephone lines.

Final Words

Netflix is on a mission to make VPNs job more difficult by strengthening its Anti-VPN algorithms. This software has successfully removed or banned many VPN users however, the best VPNs still continue to break the geo-restrictions easily. Netflix’s stance on VPN is quite controversial because the streaming company also bans the user who is using VPNs for their privacy. It is somewhat understandable that Netflix aims to restrict people from accessing other country’s library because of government policy and strict regulation. However, not allowing access to all libraries is quite unfair to the users subscribing to Netflix.

We provided you with the best services possible. Any good VPN for Netflix can easily bypass their restrictions and allow you to enjoy the treasure of unlimited Netflix titles. Eventually, Netflix will remove the geo-restricted ban from the website. Until then, VPNs are here to make our lives better. For accessing Netflix we recommended our top 5 best VPNs which were tested by our experts. We hope you enjoyed this guide on VPN for Netflix. As VPN detection continues to grow stronger, we will continue to provide you with up to date information regarding best working Netflix VPNs.

Happy Steaming!

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